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Gary Goodfellow — Owner of Shuzi NZ


Gary Goodfellow was a professional motorcycle racer for 20 years, ranked 5th and 8th in the world for both Motorcross and Superbike racing respectively. Gary was the first New Zealander to win a World Super Bike race and was the first person to win a World Super Bike race for Suzuki. Gary’s racing career included winning over 11 championships held in Canada and representing North America in the Trans-Atlantic Championships held in England. Gary was also a test pilot for the John Britten development Team in New Zealand for 3 years.

Over the course of his professional racing career Gary had numerous injuries from racing incidents. The ongoing affects of these injuries had a huge impact on his quality of life and ability to do every day tasks. Normal activities such as standing and walking were not enjoyable as after a few hours he would have to sit down to get blood flow back to his feet.


Gary was always open to alternative pain management therapies, and a decade ago he tried Shuzi for the first time in Canada. The results were amazing! Within a few days he was able to stand and walk without having to sit down and his whole quality of life improved. There was a significant change in energy levels, flexibility and reduction in aches and pains. Gary also noticed a huge reduction in pain killer intake which was a huge benefit for ongoing quality of life.

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