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Hello, I would like to share:Our Pet Foxy Caesar is an Agility Dog, long story short he fractured his toe in October last year, Vet placed him in a cast, he said it would be for maybe 3 months no guarantee, after 1 month, we took the cast off and did a 2nd X-ray, no change in fracture, no healing, nothing happening, a second cast was put on, he was developing sores where the cast would be rubbing on his skin, open wound like, so we decided to purchase a SHUZI, as I had heard from a friend how good they were. Placed the Pet Tag on him straight away hoping for help in healing. He had to be crated for the 3 mths duration, and endure 3 lots of casting. After the last cast removed, the healing that took place with these sores was incredible, in no time gone. Foxys are very active dogs, Caesar coped with this whole duration of confinement and after the 3 months he was fine to go back to do Agility the one thing he loves. You would never think he had had a break in his toe. He is faster than before, his last RACE CAME 1ST. (97m track, average speed 48 sec. his speed under 20 sec.). I personally feel he is Calmer, More Focused, Fur is Amazingly Soft. He Sleeps more Deeply and I personally feel that he would not have coped with the 3 mths of being crated, and of course we had him out on our lap as much as possible. He is our POCKET ROCKET. Shuzi Thank you. X So glad we found you.

Clint Perkins

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